ppa.charoenmotorcycles.com is a startup-oriented scientific research product, founded by Assoc. Tran Anh Binh – Hanoi University of Civil Engineering. Copyright Xaydungso.vn belongs to Construction Joint Stock Company No.

Brand name: E-commerce trading floor – Construction No.

Established year: 2018.

Company name: Construction Joint Stock Company No.

Business license number: 0106301416.

Head office: Block 02, low floor 15, Van Phu urban area, Phu La ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi city, Vietnam.

Address 2: Room 901 of Experimental House, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, No. 55 Giai Phong Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Website: https://ppa.charoenmotorcycles.com

Hotline: 0826 033 062


Consulting is still free, connecting contractors and investors; bring the best quality work, the best progress.


Digital Construction is oriented to become the leading construction consulting channel in Vietnam. Constantly innovating and creating to build a Construction – Furniture ecosystem that contributes to bringing the greatest value to customers.


Connecting contractors and investors by way of free bidding on the floor. Freelance contractors bid on the floor. With this method, a project can have many bidders participating in the bid. After winning the bid, the investor will evaluate the quality of products and services. Contractors who want to participate in this service please register for an account.

Connecting contractors and investors by channel leasing. Only 01 prestigious and best quality contractor in the area was selected by Digital Construction to bid for projects. All projects of Digital Construction in 1 province or 1 region will be undertaken by this contractor. Contractors will be provided with a Quality Tracking Number Construction Service and may be removed from the referral list if the quality is not guaranteed. Contractors who want to participate in this service, please contact the staff at the hotline number.

Connecting contractors and investors through Service Banner Ads. Contractors can use the banner advertising service package on the floor’s website to the appropriate positions on the floor. Contractors who want to use this service, please contact the staff at the hotline number.

Post articles to introduce the company, introduce products, website services: Please contact the hotline.

Textlink and backlink service: please contact hotline.

Hotline booking service, company name: Replace the hotline on Construction No with the company’s hotline. Put the company name and hotline on the consulting articles of Construction No.​